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The Top Outdoor Furniture Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2022

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When it comes to making your backyard your dream destination, the opportunities to create something beautiful and unique to your home are endless! Sometimes narrowing down what’s the best outdoor furniture can be tricky with so many trends out there, from the best rocking chairs for lounging or durable outdoor rugs crafted to last. So to make your shopping spree easier, we spoke to in-house designers and experts from Wayfair to help identify the top emerging outdoor trends! From laid-back coastal to cabana-striped everything, these trends feature classic design elements in ways that feel fresh and inspired.

Rebecca Breslin, Wayfair Professional’s Senior Design Manager, says “As you’re planning your outdoor space for the warmer months, start with pieces that define the area you’ll be using—think mosaic floor tiles, a pergola, or outdoor rugs. For the continuity of your home, carry the design aesthetic of the interior into your outdoor space.”

5 Tips for Setting Up Your Outdoor Space

1. Look for grounding and space-defining pieces.

“If your outdoor space is larger, plan to break up the space with a few of these moments–a rug under a dining table, tile for your lounge seating area, and more.”

2. Continue your indoor aesthetic to the outdoors.

“Do you prefer modern, rustic, farmhouse, or traditional? It’s easy to find outdoor styles that coordinate with your overall aesthetic and it helps keep the outdoors connected to the rest of the home.”

3. Maximize the space for end-use.

“If you’re working with limited space, like a small patio or balcony, plan for what you’re most likely going to use the space for. Do you want a soft spot in the sun, a small dining table to entertain friends, or just a garden bed? Plan your space around your outdoor activity, to get the most out of the space while you can.

4. Durability is key.

“Outdoor furniture will be up against the spring and summer (and maybe fall) elements. If your space isn’t covered, take into account that the sun and rain will have an impact on what you buy. Consider weather-proof materials in key places like Sunbrella cushions for your outdoor set or Polywood for Adirondack chairs.”

5. Elevate the space.

“Look for a few elevated items you really love to bring newness and excitement to your design from tile to sconces, dining sets, and more.”

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