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16 Patio Furniture Ideas to Make Your Backyard a Destination

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1. Outdoor Living Room

This outdoor space is complete with a fireplace, sitting area, dining room, and an outdoor kitchen to make it feel just like home. A weatherproof furniture set comes with a couch, coffee table, two chairs, and an ottoman to create the perfect outdoor living room right next to the hearth. Adding a durable area rug completes the look and helps to define the space. Potted plants and throw pillows bring in an extra layer of comfort.

2. Create a Tranquil Space

With only a few pieces of patio furniture, you can create a tranquil and relaxing space on your very own porch. Here, simple wooden chairs and a low coffee table create a calming retreat where you can start or end your day. Incorporate flowers for a more natural atmosphere.

3. Poolside Patio Furniture

When looking for poolside furniture, keep in mind that furniture and fabrics need to be weatherproof as well as chlorineproof. Metal furniture is always a safe option since it won’t rot with regular exposure to elements like chlorine. Consider finding poolside lounge chairs with wheels so they can easily be moved when the sun changes position. Add comfort by adding cushions to the patio furniture. Look for fade-resistant outdoor fabrics.

4. Conversation Starter

For a smaller porch or patio, a round table can be the perfect way to create an atmosphere for conversation. Slim folding chairs don’t take up much space yet are comfortable for long summer nights.

5. Add Ambiance to the Patio

Create an intimate setting on any patio by incorporating hanging lights, candles, and flower arrangements. Make the porch even more homey with bright colors and patterns on patio furniture cushions and pillows.

6. Bench Patio Furniture Ideas

For additional outdoor seating, consider adding a built-in bench to your backyard or porch. This L-shape bench is backed with a modern-looking trellis to create structure as well as privacy. For more storage, install benches with lids to store outdoor toys and equipment.

7. Simple Patio Seating

On this porch, a low, streamlined table is all it takes to make a quaint outdoor dining spot. Double-stacked chair cushions take the place of actual chairs and make the setting feel more intimate. Modern wooden squares hang from a pergola and make a type of chandelier above the table setting.

8. Portable Patio Furniture

A table on sturdy casters can be easily repositioned where it’s needed most. Adding wheels to any piece of outdoor furniture is a quick and easy project that can be done in just a day. For more control, use casters that also have brakes.

9. Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker is made from sturdy stems and vines that are then woven into intricate patterns. The material is ideal for outdoor furniture due to it’s lightweight, airy qualities and the variety of designs and colors it comes in. Synthetic wicker is a little more expensive than natural wicker, but it is more versatile for outdoor patio furniture. Made from moistureproof resins and rustproof aluminum framing, synthetic wicker can withstand the elements, while natural wicker cannot.

10. Outdoor Kitchen

Add more than just a grill to your patio or backyard and create a full-fledged outdoor kitchen. Here, a U-shape kitchen has a stone countertop, cabinetry, and seating to make the perfect place to congregate and eat. The materials used in outdoor kitchens are the same as those used indoor, but they need to be extra durable in order to stand up to weather.

11. Wrought-Iron Patio Furniture

The workability of cast or wrought iron makes it ideal for creating fanciful forms like the latticework and curved frames of this table and chair set. Black is a classic color for wrought iron, although it can be painted any color. The drawback is that it will rust if the finish is nicked or scratched. But if the painted finish is kept in good shape, the furniture can be left outdoors year-round.

12. Patio Dining Furniture

To fit a dining table and chairs on a porch or patio, keep proportion in mind. For a small patio, look for a table and chairs that are thin and streamlined to take up less space. Here, space constraints aren’t a concern so a long dining table works perfectly to accommodate a large group. Chairs with tall backs means guests can comfortably stay and chat long after a meal is finished.

13. Perk Up Patio Furniture with Paint

When metal outdoor furniture looks sad and dilapidated, think about using paint to revive your favorite pieces. Look for a paint, such as spray paint, that is easy to apply, long-lasting, and rust-resistant. After applying new paint, consider updating cushions for a total furniture transformation.

14. Cedar Patio Furniture

Varieties of cedar, like western red cedar and northern white cedar, are known for their durability and resistance to insects. If left untreated, over time the wood weathers to a silvery gray. To keep cedar furniture looking like new, use a deep-penetrating stain with mildewcide and water-repellent additives.

15. Teak Patio Furniture

The durability and water resistance of teak make it an excellent choice for poolside furniture and structures. To find the best teak, look for brands made from wood harvested on tree farms that are systematically replanted.

16. Maintaining Outdoor Patio Furniture

Outdoor furniture built from certain woods such as pine, fir, and oak, need to be protected from the weather with an annual coat of stain, paint, or sealer. Oil-base products are tougher than latex, and gloss finishes last longer than semigloss or flat finishes.

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