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Vietnam has now become one of the world’s leading woodworking and wood products processing and exporting countries. Every year, Vietnam’s wood industry uses a huge amount of wood materials, mainly from domestic plantation timber and imported wood. Currently, Teak is the source of input materials for the production of high-class furniture, which is most commonly used in Vietnam.

Teak wood: What is it?

Tectona grandis is the scientific name for teak wood, also referred to as Gia Ty wood (in some places, it is also known as Bang Gun wood). In Vietnam, teak wood is ranked in group III of the classification system for wood. Belongs to the wood line of light weight, soft but high strength.

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Panama Teak Wood

Panama Teak wood is one of the most popular imported and exported teak wood today because of its affordable price, and guaranteed quality for processing indoor furniture, and applications in other valuable industries. high economic… Sustainable against the impact of the outside, with durability, and long-term use. Currently, the majority of B.Connect’s teak wood supply consists of large, FSC-certified trees that are older than 20 years. If you need a stable supply of Teak wood, please contact us immediately for advice

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5 reasons why we must choose Teak wood for interior and exterior products

Teak is the hardest, toughest and best-quality wood, making it the perfect material to be used to make long-lasting outdoor furniture. It has been used in shipbuilding since the Middle Ages and is still used today to build luxury ships and yachts.

Teak wood is resistant to harsh weather:

One outstanding feature of teak wood is its ability to withstand all types of weather. It’s one of the few types of wood in existence that has natural oil that deters water, preventing warping, cracking, and brittleness. Teak wood products retain their strength even when exposed to the harsh effects of rain, snow, and heat.

Resistance to insect damage

The oil in the wood grain will seep to the surface and act as a repellant for insects like termites, creepers, and sea borers in addition to providing protection against the elements. Choosing Teak wood for outdoor products helps you not to worry about damage due to insect damage.

With Teak, the finished product keeps the natural beauty of wood

Exterior or interior furniture made from teak wood does not need to be painted or cleaned. Teak has a high oil content, so when it is exposed to sunlight, it gradually turns a yellow color rather than patchy or black. Allows you to experience the wood’s natural beauty to the perfect  without having to worry about chemicals

Teak wood offers timeless durability

Teak wood makes outdoor furniture very durable and strong. There are centuries-old teak park benches in the UK made from scrapped boats – a testament to the wood’s durability.

Teak wood products can be refreshed after a period of use

Products made of teak wood are honey-brown when they are brand-new. Over time, it will naturally age to an elegant gray grey. It only requires a few light strokes with wood sandpaper to restore the original natural color if you don’t want it to fade. In its original state or weathered grey, natural teak adds elegance and class to any outdoor space. When other woods come into contact with metal, they start to rust and disparage. Teak is one of the few kinds of wood that does not. Since many teak furniture has metal fittings, this is another great advantage of teak

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